Adventure Backpack Mod is a mod that adds around more than 60 types of backpack with diverse functions and extraordinary abilities that will allow the nomads and the entire community of adventurers of Minecraft many more possibilities than simply having the ability to transport objects from one side for other.

Among its great variety that this   Adventure Backpack Mod backpacks mod, we found some with functions such as backpacks that have the ability to emit light, backpacks with capacity to transport water and lava, some also have a hose to vacuum and evacuate liquids, other backpack that absorb the rain water and rivers or seas or a backpack that will improve the enchantments that are already in the enchantment table.

What variety does this mod bring us?

There are several backpacks in Adventure Backpack Mod created by mixing elements of plants or monsters. Three will be filled with useful fluids depending on what you want and the cow backpack will be filled with milk if you keep a steady supply of wheat in your inventory. These are excellent for keeping a large amount of liquids in you at all times, they are some of the most outstanding backpacks at the moment. The Adventure Backpack mod also adds an explorer costume and a machete to make you feel even more adventurous within the game. The backpacks of the mod have a design that is quite successful and that adapts well to the graphic line of the game. These backpacks allow you to navigate while traveling, sleep anywhere with a stored sleeping bag, fluid tanks and, of course, additional inventory space. You can use the backpack per turn + left click on the package while it is on the ground. Or you can simply keep it on the ground as you would with a chest.

There are several that help you just by using them. Squid rucksacks allow you to breathe and see underwater, bat backpacks, which are found in caves, allow you to see in the dark, and the chicken backpack will drop an egg from time to time. Better to alleviate your adventures, especially if you have few supplies in a deserted area at night.

The Adventure Backpack mod at the moment is still in development, so it may contain some bugs or errors. As time passes we will publish your updates in this same article.

How to install Adventure Backpack Mod?

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge .
  • Download Adventure Backpack Mod.
  • Run the Minecraft Forge installer and type% appdata%.
  • Open .minecraft / mods (or create the folder if you do not have one).
  • Extract the downloaded file inside the folder.
  • Run Minecraft and ¬°Ready!

Download Adventure Backpack Mod



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