Aether II Mod is an awesome mod that adds a new level as well as objects, blocks and tools for Minecraft 1.12 and is considered one of the best Minecraft mods ever made.

Aether II Mod built with the Minecraft Forge API, allows you to easily connect with your friends allowing you to create multiplayer servers to conquer the dungeons and minecraft scenarios.

Aether II Mod

The people who have gone to the Nether know that it is a dark and dangerous place full of precipices and lava rivers, not counting the enemies that lurk us from everywhere. So in addition to the normal world and The End, these are the only places we can explore in Minecraft, which is very limited if we compare the potential of this game. so Aether II Mod adds a new area formed by a beautiful colorful scenery surrounded by plants, flowers and trees, but be careful, as there are many winged enemies.
Aether II Mod

Features of Aether II Mod.

In the world created by Aether II Mod the tools of the normal world are not very useful, so collecting objects with our own hands is much faster.
When a player falls from the Aether, it does not fall into the void but returns to the portal located in the normal world, so it is recommended to place the portal towards the Aether in the middle of a body of water like a lake for example avoid dying from falling.
Fire and torches do not work in this world.
New mobs such as angels, valkyries and sentinels.
Three new bosses: Slider, Sun Spirit and Valkyrie Queen.

Aether II Mod

How to install Aether II Mod ?.

Download and install Minecraft Forge.
Download Aether II Mod.
Run the Minecraft Forge installer and type% appdata%.
Open .minecraft / mods (or create the folder if you do not have one).
Place the downloaded Aether II Mod file inside that folder.
Run Minecraft and Ready !.

There is no excuse not to install it
This wonderful game brings with it the possibility of encountering a great amount of diverse contents, one of the best aspects of this is that it is possible to survive without even leaving the dimension. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for lovers of the search for new minerals among many other novelties.

Download Aether II Mod



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