What is better than to be playing and suddenly take a look at your backpack and see that you have a larger inventory to what you usually have to explore? This is an interesting mod for all those who enjoy travel in Minecraft or just change their home area and need something that allows them to travel without making tens of thousands of trips to finish looking for the things you left in your old location, what better than going somewhere else and carrying the backpack and it would be, or rather, it’s great! And now it exists with Mod Backpacks.
Backpacks Mod

What is Blackpacks Mod?
It is just a new fashion, so that only expands the space in your suitcase or backpack, it is great to have a place where you can carry everything you want, if you want to move or go somewhere else and you do not want to do one and a thousand travel. With this new Minecraft Mod you can go and the space is big enough to carry many things. Until what is known of the application this gives a increase of 9 times more space for your things in the bag or backpack.

Backpacks Mod

This same makes us have more than three different types of backpacks to be able to move more easily wherever we want, with a large amount of inventory, this only increases our ability to transport more items to our new location. These can be colored, named, using the dyes you have already made in Minecraft.

In addition to this type of backpack, we have two more classes, some that allow us to access the contents of an Ender Chest and the “Workbench backpack” that allows us to enjoy a portable crafteo table, which allows us to make crafteo recipes without placing the table on the floor The application, in this case the Blackpacks Mod, only helps us to increase the storage capacity for, for example: long trips to other areas of the game, larger collections, less concern to take and take more and more elements and more.

Backpacks Mod

How to install Blackpacks Mod for Minecraft
. Download Minecraft Forge
. Download Blackpacks Mod
. Double-click on the downloaded Forge file to run the installer
. Paste the downloaded file into the minecraft / mods folder
. Several kinds of backpacks to go well equipped.

Download Blackpacks mod



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