Do the towers and challenges fascinate you? BattleTowersMod is what you missed so much, because this innovative mod adds towers all over the world, which have eight levels and a level where you have to defeat a Boss (Boss), usually this Boss (Boss) is located in the top of the tower, by defeating it will give you a reward that will be worth all the effort involved in achieving this challenge so complicated that the mod offers us.

BattleTowers Mod

What’s new in BattleTowersMod?

BattleTowersMod has the following most important novelties among all:

  • Now it has its own real stairs, incredible, is not it?
  • This mod has six different battle towers;
  • Cobblestone (Double stone slab floor)
  • MossyCobblestone (Double mossy stone slab floor)
  • Smooth Stone (Cobblestone floor)
  • Ice (Floor of clay blocks)
  • Sandstone (Sandstone floor)
  • Netherrack (SoulSand Floor)
  • End Stone (The End, strange)
  • If you are a former player of the mod, you will know how tedious was the Tower Spawning (Regeneration Tower), now all change, this same aforementioned was completely modified to have a better development in the vast majority of problems
  • Types of towers in ruins:
  • The first type of ruined towers we appreciate because it has a mixture of mossy and regular pebbles with several holes in the walls; which are not just normal windows, but are real holes.
  • The second type of tower in ruins seems that it was already conquered, because it only has the two lower floors, like a normal tower after being defeated.

BattleTowers Mod

What type of players is the BattleTowersMod aimed at?

BattleTowersMod , is aimed primarily at the type of players who do not like the idea of ​​creating several players, as well as for players who love to kill all the monsters in one place.

But not only that, the very effective mode in the multiplayer part because it assigns you a mission in personalized worlds that are very adventurous because you will never know that you can find yourself on the road, which is also a positive point. because it gives you the benefit of the doubt, which makes you more intrigued, it causes BattleTowersMod to add this incredible modality for all kinds of players and you want to play it right now, so if at this precise moment you are thinking that, what Do you wait to get this mod? I assure you will not regret.

BattleTowers Mod

How to download BattleTowersMod?

  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Download BattleTowersMod
  • Start the MinecraftForge installer and install the aforementioned
  • In the Run option type% appdata%
  • Find the folder called .minecraft / mods

Note: If this folder is not created, you can do it by placing the same name of “mods” in the folder

  • Copy and paste all the files downloaded from the mod and paste them into the mods folder
  • Start the game, and explore!

Download Battle Towers Mod



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