Copious Dogs mod is the perfect mod for animal lovers. If you’ve always wanted to train a dog from puppy, this is your chance to do it in Minecraft.

Copious Dogs Mod

What is Copious Dogs mod for?
Copious Dog mod serves so that we can finally have our best friend in our world of Minecraft. As we well know, within the options of the original game, we can only find wolves among the creatures canine. This is very sad in a game where we build a life because, if we are lovers of pets, chances are that we have a puppy at home and we want to represent it in the game.
Likewise, if we do not have a pet but want to imagine that we have or want some specific race, we are equally limited. However, Copious Dog mod radically changes this situation by introducing into the game the possibility of having dogs. The best part is that it not only allows you to have a dog arbitrarily, but we can choose from a number of breeds so the experience is exactly what we imagine.
Among the breeds of dogs we can find in Copious Dog mod are: Husky, German Shepherds, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Chihuahua, etc.

Copious Dogs Mod

How does Copious Dogs mod work?
Copious Dog mod allows not only the possibility of having dogs or of dogs of different races within our worlds of Minecraft, but also allows us to tame them.
To tame a dog, you should only approach any wild dog and feed it with a cookie to tame it. However, taming it is not enough for the dog to follow you, it is necessary that you put a necklace and a leash to take it to your home Minecraft, to release it just right click on the dog again and remove the belt. The advantage is that you can take more than one dog and have your own herd.
Like our character, our pet may receive damage so we must be careful. To recover from this damage it is necessary to feed it but this time a cookie will not be enough, nor can we do it directly; it will be necessary to serve him some kind of meat in a dog dish, where he will approach and eat until he heals.
If we want to form a large family of dogs with Copious Dogs mod, it is necessary to domesticate a female and a male of the same breed and take them home. Once at home, we should place them near a fire or torch to receive heat and feed each with a cookie. Automatically dogs will breed a puppy that will truly be like a miniature version of the parents. We can also name our dogs using the Minecraft Name Tag.

Copious Dogs Mod

How to install Copious Dogs mod?
Download and install Minecraft Forge in the first place.
• Depending on the version of Minecraft you use, download the version of the Copious Dogs mod that corresponds to you.
• Run Forge
• Paste the Copious Dog mod file into the .minecraft / mods folder.
• Run the game with the Forge version and Ready!

Download Copious Dog



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