The Cyclic Mod adds no significant feature or feature to the game, but adds a huge amount of content that significantly improves gameplay to make Minecraft a much more fun experience than it already is. Once we find new minerals, items and tools we can enjoy in any of the dimensions available on the map.

All these minerals, materials or items to be mixed allow us to obtain new pieces of armor, new weapons, tools, machines, potions and all kinds of decorative and functional objects.

News presented by Cyclic Mod

Cyclic Mod is inspired by Extra Utilities Mod, Quark Mod and Random Mod and is very easy to understand, since they both enhance the gaming experience by adding new things instead of changing the Minecraft structure. There are a huge amount of potions that can be mixed together for more potions with a variety of effects, slimepads that can play anything regardless of distance or Ender Wings that allow us to teleport through the map just by moving the mouse; In fact, the Cyclices is a great mod that will always surprise us with the novelties that it adds. In fact, all new objects, blocks, items, and tools are documented within the game through two objects called Cyclic Guide Book and JustEnoughItems respectively, so if you want to know what’s available you just have to take a look at either of these two “books” that are included in the form of objects in our inventory.

Cyclic Mod does not just bring new things

Cyclic Mod Not only is it focused on objects and tools, but it also adds new villagers, new features to inventory and even modifies the regeneration of the land.

Cyclic Mod It is completely customizable

In addition to the items, this mod has the peculiarity of enabling or disabling the appearance of all the items it contains, as well as its rarity or availability on the map, making the Minecraft fun factor rise quickly. It also allows you to modify the frequency of appearance of crowds, villagers and even the complete modification of the map where we are playing.

How to install the Cyclic Mod ?

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Mod Cyclic.
  3. Run the Minecraft Forge installer and type% appdata%.
  4. Open .minecraft / mods (or create the folder if you do not have one).
  5. Extract the downloaded file named “Cyclic_Mod.jar” inside the folder.
  6. Run Minecraft and go.




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