Damage Indicators Mod adds a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that adds a bar indicator of life next to the name of the Mobs that we are finding in our game in Minecraft. Damage Indicators Mod makes the battles quite interesting, since it allows us to know about the status of the Mob (or an opponent if we are on a PvP server) before entering into combat. So we can plan an effective strategy to defeat it without receiving too much damage besides knowing how strong we are.

Damage Indicators Mod

Damage Indicators Mod adds two configuration options which are:
l Alternate render method: Uses an alternate system to hook damage indicators in case of an incompatible mod with Damage Indicators Mod installed.
l Mod High Compatibility: Modifies some attributes of certain installed mods to ensure the greatest possible compatibility when executing Damage Indicators Mod.

These configuration options are required only if you experience performance problems during the game. Both options can reposition the GUI automatically, so you do not need to do it yourself. In addition to these settings fix some bugs not solved by Minecraft updates.
Damage Indicators Mod

How can Damage Indicators Mod help us?
There is no doubt that a damage indicator is very useful when we want to last as long as possible during the course of a Minecraft game. Now lets make sure we are not attacking the mobs blindly without knowing how much damage we are doing.

Minecraft is a game well known for its mods that allows players of different levels to enjoy the game to the maximum, so Damage Indicators Mod is no exception, as it makes the gameplay experience much more enjoyable.

The benefit of Damage Indicators Mods is to become a strategic fighter who knows perfectly how to attack the mobs due to the knowledge of knowing their level of health as well as know if level of strength.

Damage Indicators Mod

How to install Damage Indicators Mod ?
Download and install Minecraft Forge.
Download Damage Indicators Mod.
Execute the Minecraft Forge installer and type% appdata%.
Open .minecraft / mods (or create the folder if you do not have one).
Extract the downloaded Damage Indicators Mod file called “Damage_Indicator.jar” inside the folder.
Run Minecraft and Ready !.

Download Damage Indicators mod



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