DecoCraft mod for Minecraft: the dream of virtual decorators

DecoCraft Mod by Minecraft is undoubtedly the most popular decoration mod of the game and is already updated to play in the new version so today we want to talk a little more about this great mod.

DecoCraft mod

What is DecoCraft mod for?

If you’re playing Minecraft, you’re probably a person who thoroughly enjoys building and customizing whatever; whether your room, your pc or your world of Minecraft, you want to have it just as you imagine it and go imagination you have! That’s why the Decocraft mod is just what you need.
DecoCraft mod offers everything a dedicated Minecraft player like you misses from the original game: decoration details, especially when it comes to home. We all know that the original game options are quite limited in this respect and if we are players who love giving our personal touch to everything we create, this definitely represents a nuisance.
DecoCraft mod came to solve that lack with a great package of graphic details that will finally make your home in Minecraft feel like your home.

DecoCraft mod

What does the DecoCraft mod include?

DecoCraft mod includes a number of elements that will make your Minecraft house look and feel much more real. Although it does not make sense to enumerate all the details that it offers (come, what fun is also to discover them by ourselves), definitely is a great variety not only of simple objects but also of furniture.
Some of the elements include: bedside tables or dining room, kitchen utensils, lamps or wall clocks, cups and cutlery, curtains, kitchen or household stools in general, harps, dartboard, even simple things like tablecloths and napkins that will make that feeling of “just a game” a thing of the past.
Also, some objects also include functions such as the safe, which in fact opens with a combination and allows access to valuables. Likewise, it modifies some objects to give them more personality: the bed, can be varied between different options and maintains its function without problem.
The best part is that DecoCraft mod is as meticulous as you and like us who love to decorate to the last detail, that is why, instead of including all those incredible additions in a great list without end, the Decocraft mod organizes them by sector. This means that if some utensil is, for example, used in the kitchen, you can find it in the kitchen category along with many other elements that are used in this part of the house. The same happens with bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Just go to the section you want to customize and all the items you need will be there.

DecoCraft mod

How to install DecoCraft mod?

Download and install Minecraft Forge in the first place.
• Depending on the version of Minecraft you use, download the version of DecoCraft mod that corresponds to you.
• Run Forge
• Paste the DecoCraft mod file into the .minecraft / mods folder.
• Run the game with the Forge version and Ready!

Download DecoCraft mod



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