Have you ever thought about having your own dragon or mythological creature in your Minecraft world? Well, if it has been so, after this article you will know with what and how to make it come true. Dragon Mounts Mod is one that allows you to take previously useless dragon eggs. Once promoted and tamed will be your faithful companion in all situations and of course, you can use it for a ride. This Minecraft Mod is great for lovers of fantastic creatures and games of virtual care.

Dragon Mounts mod

What is a Dragon Mounts or how is it used?
To get to the point of plotting or spawning a dragon egg, you must first find a warm place to make the process easier and uncomplicated, if you find one simply click on the egg, and then the fertilization hatch will start, this leads time, so you must be patient in the process.

Once it has grown, you can tame the dragon with raw fish previously caught in a lake or river, now, it is only later to follow the process little by little, protecting it and nourishing it so that a bond of confidence arises from there the creature towards the user. You must raise it as if it were any domestic animal, forming bonds and then enjoying the benefits.

Dragon Mounts mod

What can you do with the Dragon Mounts Mod?
You can order the domesticated dragons to establish and defend your territory from intruders or monsters, for this you must implement the theme of the bones, to mount your domesticated dragon, use a saddle, after this just touch the right click without releasing the element in the executed and ready action, to heal your wounded or wounded dragons you must feed them with more raw fish or in substitution of this one, chicken, beef or porkchop (four hearts) or with rotten meat (two hearts) . It is easy to use, you just have to pay attention to what you are doing so that, the process is correct and do not lose your dragons.

Dragon Mounts mod

How to install Dragon Mounsts Mod?
1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
2. Download the Dragon Monsts Mod
3. Go to% appdata% and open your Minecraft folder
4. Go to the Mods folder (If you do not have a Mods folder you can create it)
5. On the local drive C: \ Users \ username \ rootnameecraft \ mods folder \ AppData \ Roaming \ Users \ [YourUser] \ Notepad \ ApplicationSupport \ Minecraft \ Mods folder in Mac
6. Drag the file and drop it on it
7. Enjoy the Mod

Download Dragon Mounts Mod



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