Flan’s mod is ideal for all those users who enjoy everything that refers to action: be it cars, planes, weapons … Flan’s mod has it for you.

Flan's Mod

What is Flan’s mod and what is it for?
Flan’s mod is a special mod that, although it includes some elements by itself, its true functionality is that it acts as a packer installer, with which you can add a wide range of content packages, all with different themes but that unite under the general topic that we can see in movies or action series.
Flan’s mod, then, allows to add content of different types such as airplanes, carts and other vehicles but the action does not finish there; if you are a “warlord” then get ready! Because with Flan’s mod you can create not only war vehicles such as tanks, bomber planes, and even war robots, but you can also build an entire arsenal of weapons that will be very useful for victory.
Among the weapons that we can find are simple handguns such as pistols or knives, launched as grenade, heavy as machine guns and even explosives.
Flan’s mod is also ideal for all those who love to travel peacefully through their worlds of Minecraft by car, plane or plane, with this mod you can give you the rides of your life by land and air.
But the fun does not end there as Flan’s mod’s variety of resource packs span a variety of historical epochs, from the medieval age with weapons and armor, to a futuristic time where you can create Star Wars-style ships or even robots of war. In addition, could not miss the option of World War II. You may also have access to certain skills such as skydiving.

Flan's Mod

How does Flan’s mod work?
Flan’s mod, as already mentioned, brings with it some of these elements, but its main attraction is precisely that you can customize the content that offers you thanks to the packages of resources. In fact, this is what makes the mod worth it, as it really does not have much to offer. Among the resource packages that are available for Flan’s mod are:
• Simple parts pack: includes several types of small plane to be crafted piece by piece.
• Ye Olde Pack: pack focused on ancient times with medieval weapons and gliders.
• World War II pack: both land and air war vehicles, as well as cars. Focused on World War II.
• Modern Weapons pack: great variety of modern, current and even futuristic elements.
• Zombie pack: basically it is a game mode as it turns the zombies into plague and the challenge is to survive.
• Nerf Pack: Simple Parts pack add-on; both must be installed to operate.
• Titan Pack: improvements in various features of mining and battles.

Flan's Mod

How do I install Flan’s mod?
• Download Minecraft Forge.
• Download Flan’s mod.
• Paste the download file into the .minecraft / mods folder.
• Paste the packs of your choice into the Flan folder.

Download Flan’s mod



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