Immersive Craft mod is a mod that is responsible for adding new functions to certain objects in the game, as well as an entirely new system to interact with the entities that have their own inventory and aims to improve everything related to the immersion of a player in Minecraft. Now, all the objects that had their own interface will no longer have it, that is, at this moment we will be able to interact with them without having to open any interface. For example, we can put and remove things from a furnace directly, as well as open a chest and place or remove objects inside.

Immersive Craft Mod

Characteristics of the ImmersiveCraft Mod

These blocks or objects will now look different, work differently and allow us to see their contents without opening any graphical interface.

And this does not end here! Immersive Craft also adds new objects to the game and some specific tools for this work table, among other things with the mission of giving a touch of realism to the evolutionary development of our character. For example, now in the world will generate stones and sticks to the generation of the world, as well as a saw, a chisel and a wall cabinet to store objects. Many modifications of processes and objects of the game, has the purpose of improving the immersion of the players.

Immersive Craft Mod

ImmersiveCraft Mod adds a more immersive way to manage, create and store objects in Minecraft. Presents the following:

  • Add a chest where you can visually see and interact with the items in the chest
  • Add a closet that works similarly but is mounted on the wall
  • Add an oven that works like a normal oven but also has interaction in the world. You need to use flint and steel to light the coal in the oven
  • Allows the player to place tools (axes and swords) in any block by right clicking
  • Add Worldgen for sticks and rocks in the world (can be disabled)
  • Add a workbench to have an immersive way to create. This workbench is still in progress, since you can now only create a limited number of items. This will be improved later. To make a workbench (if you want to try it) just place two records in the world and right click with a stone ax
  • Add a chisel and saw that are intended to be used in the tool slot of the workbench
  • The sticks can be placed on the ground in stacks of up to 64. Using flint and steel you can also make them burn (currently slightly broken model)

Immersive Craft Mod

How to install ImmersiveCraft Mod for Minecraft?

  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Download CompatLayer
  • Download Immersive Craft Mod
  • Double-click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded file of “CompatLayer” into .minecraft / mods
  • Paste the downloaded file from the mod into .minecraft / mods

It’s time to feel that you’re “a little bit deeper” from that world of Minecraft!

Download Immersive Craft Mod



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