This modification called Infernal Mobs Mod adds some rare but special mobs that have special abilities and / or buff to enhance the gaming experience. These mobs are in most cases harder to kill than most of the monsters that swarm the map because they can make other mobs to fight making the experience extremely complicated and even dangerous because they may have regeneration, revenge or defense abilities. In fact, the infernal multitudes leave the experience four times larger than normal monsters and an enchanted item time because the Infernal Mobs Mod also modifies the items.


What’s New in Infernal Mobs Mod?

Essentially Infernal Mod Mobs makes Minecraft a much more difficult game while adding juicy rewards. Since crowds now have the opportunity to have special effects and high hit points. So far more satisfying to face the enemies because they have many chances of us leaving diamond teams.

 What are the new mobs included?

The new enemies that the Infernal Mobs Mod brings are:

  • Mob Rare: has 2 to 4 effects and 2 to 4 times more HP than ordinary mobs.
  • Mob Ultra: has 7 effects and 7 times more HP than ordinary mobs.
  • Mob Infernal: has 10 to 11 effects and 10 to 11 times more HP than ordinary mobs.

Bosses also benefited from Infernal Mobs Mod, regardless of whether they are regular bosses or added by other mods. Since their abilities are enhanced despite keeping their original HP, but do not trust they have regeneration skills, heal or simply resuscitate to give us an even bigger and more satisfying (or frustrating) as the case well. You have to have watch out for pirates, spiders and necromancers, as these are the biggest beneficiaries of this mod.

Each and every one of these mobs will no longer reward rare and / or hard-to-find items with high-level incantations that will make our stay here easier.

 How to install Infernal Mobs Mod?

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Infernal Mobs Mod.
  3. Run the Minecraft Forge installer and type% appdata%.
  4. Open .minecraft / mods (or create the folder if you do not have one).
  5. Extract the downloaded file named “InfernalMobs_Mod.jar” into the folder.
  6. run Minecraft and you’re done!




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