Minecraft Forge, manage your mods without affecting your performance

Minecraft Forge is a basic Minecraft tool that allows you to create a suitable environment to install various mods in the game.

Minecraft Forge

How does Minecraft Forge work?

Minecraft forge works as a download system that organizes and prepares the terrain for us to install a wide variety of mods and improvements without affecting performance. At present it is the downloader most used by users. In fact many players claim that it is indispensable to take full advantage of the possibilities of Minecraft.
Minecraft Forge has become so indispensable because it allows excellent compatibility of the mods with each other and minimizes the risk of them interfering with each other, to the point of becoming the most used downloader by Minecraft developers.

Minecraft Forge

How to install Minecraft Forge to play?

Installing Minecraft Forge to play is extremely easy
• Download the version of Minecraft Forge that you want to install directly from the official Minecraft Forge page.
• Double click on the file.
• When the installer opens, click “install client”
• Select the path where you have Minecraft installed.
• Click on “install” and on your vanilla terrain the Minecraft Forge will be installed and you will be able to create a new profile.
It is important to remember that the newer the version, the better it will probably contain better features but could consequently be less unstable. When downloading the version of Minecraft Forge you want, remember to select it according to the needs of your computer.

Minecraft Forge

How to install Minecraft Forge to develop mods?

Installing Minecraft Forge for modders is also a simple process:
• Go to the official Minecraft Forge website to download the tool.
• Select the “MDK” version (Modder Developer Kit)
• It follows the same installation process as the Play version but is basically a test mod that includes everything that is needed for a proper development environment.

Minecraft Forge

Installing Mods with Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge, as we said, has the function of enabling the installation of several mods without collapsing, here’s how to do it:
• First, back up your Minecraft profile.
• Download and install Minecraft Forge.
• Once installed, start the game and choose the profile “Forge”
• Look for the mods you want to install but watch out for viruses.
• Once you have downloaded them, copy the compressed files to the “mods” folder.
• To find the folder, press Windows + R and the “Run” bar will appear, type% AppData% and then enter “Roaming”> “Minecraft”> “Mods”.
• Packages are in “Options”> “Resource Packages”.
A small disadvantage of installing mods is that, even with Minecraft Forge, some mods simply crash with others and can corrupt the profile. However, this can be solved thanks to precisely that Minecraft works with independent profiles so that the corruption of one does not directly affect others, so in case of suffering a collapse of the mods, the solution is to create a profile new.
Either way, Minecraft Forge is constantly updated so more and more Minecrafts mods are compatible with each other thanks to this tool.

Download Minecraft Forge

for Minecraft 1.12.2

for Minecraft 1.11.2

for Minecraft 1.10.2

for Minecraft 1.9.4

for Minecraft 1.7.10



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