Are you one of those who move many times from one place to another in the world of Minecraft? Mod Waypoints will make life a lot easier, because this mod as its name explains are waypoints (points of reference) that you must create anywhere in the vast world of Minecraft. So we can consider it a mod that without a doubt all Minecraft players should use because it makes it easier to move from one place to another in just moments saving you a lot of time doing all those long tours of the world of Minecraft.

Waypoints Mod

What’s New in Waypoints Mod

Some of the most interesting novelties of Waypoints Mod are the following:

  • Added a sound effect when you teleport
  • After using the waypoint (reference points), you can suffer random effects and exhaustion. (modifiable)
  • Waypoints Mod now allows waypoints (points of reference) not square but rectangular
  • Now the maximum and minimum waypoint are configurable
  • The error that occurred when executing the client was already fixed
  • The data storage format now changes to JSON

Waypoints Mod

How can you use Waypoints Mod?

First of all you have to create the waypoints (reference points), to be able to use the Waypoints Mod , all you have to do is collect some blocks (waypoints) and make a 3x1x3 or 2x1x2 structure, then from this you can give it the name you want. After this you can move very easily by the waypoints (points of reference) that you have linked together.

To make links between waypoints (reference points), all you have to do is relate a waypoint (point of reference) with another one that you have already elaborated before.

These constructions interact with the Redstone signals, so you can use redstone buttons, pressure plates and torches to activate teleportation, is not it?

Since you know the most outstanding of this incredible and innovative mod, what do you expect to download it?

Waypoints Mod

How can you download Waypoints Mod?

  • Download Minecraft Forge
  • Download Waypoints Mod
  • Start the MinecraftForge installer and install the same aforementioned
  • In the Run option type% appdata%
  • Find the folder called .minecraft / mods

Note: If this folder is not found, do not worry, you can create it with the same name as “mods”

  • All the files downloaded from the mod you can paste them in the “mods” folder
  • Start the game, and enjoy!

Download Waypoints Mod



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