Morph Mod is the ideal mod for all those cosplay lovers or those who like to customize their characters in Minecraft. If you have a mob that you particularly like, with Morph Mod you can transform into it!

What is Morph Mod for?

Morph Mod allows you to transform yourself into absolutely any mob available in Minecraft; either from the original mobs of the game or mobs that come in other mods that you have installed, with Morph Mod you can transform into the character you want, be it mobs, NPCs, animals or any living entity.

But the utility of Morph Mod does not end there, because this transformation does not only include a disguise with all the physical characteristics of your favorite mobs, but also, you can acquire all the skills that the mob has. This means that you can take advantage of the characteristics of certain mobs to perform tasks that would be impossible with a human character. For example, you could become a bird and so you would fly or squid and you could swim.

However, it also has its disadvantages since, as well as by using Morph to transform into a mob and obtain its special qualities, negative characteristics are also obtained; When you become a bird to fly, you must take into account that you will have less life or if you become zombies, you will be sensitive to the light of day.

How does Morph Mod work?

Morph Mod allows you to become literally any mob of the game, but it has a small complication and is that, to be able to transform into the mod, first it is necessary to kill it. When you kill a mob, you manage to capture its “essence” which is what it allows after you can transform into it, therefore, if you want to get mobs like those of oRespawn, it is necessary that you first prepare yourself for an arduous battle.

Once you have managed to defeat the mob in which you want to transform, press the key on your keyboard that is right next to the number “0”. There will appear the GUI where you can scroll with the arrows to navigate among all the mobs in which you have transformed before. When selecting the option in which you want to transform (in this case the mob that we just killed), press “enter” and in maximum four seconds you will have transformed into the mob of your preference.

Morph allows you thanks to this system, easily access specific features that will make your adventure a lot more exciting by having all kinds of special qualities available, and you can even have a list of “Favorites”. To add a mob to this list just hang over it in the GUI and press the key to the right of “L” on your keyboard.

How do I install Morph mod?

  • Download MinecraftForge for the version that suits your game.
  • Download iChunUtil
  • Download Morph Mod in the version that suits your game.
  • Run the Forge installer
  • First paste the iChunUtil download file into the folder .minecraft> mods
  • I then paste the Morph mod download file into the folder .minecraft> mods
  • Start the game And that’s it!

Download Morph Mod



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