OpenModsLib Mod is a library made up of all code made by the OpentMods Community for OpenBlocks and OpenPeripheral.

What exactly is it OpenModsLib Mod?

Its main objective is to provide a common API for these two mods developed by the OpenMods team in order to maximize the compatibility of future mods released by them, reducing development time and reducing redundant code lines for future mods while allowing that other teams or programmers have some ease of programming their own mods, helping them in much of the hard work so they focus only on writing the most important lines of code of their own mods.

So we can say that OpenModsLib Modpara Minecraft is a secondary tool used to make modifications to Minecraft files, at the same time it allows to develop mods because it is composed of different programming tools and extractions from the source code.

What does OpenModsLib Mod do?

  • A vast collection of expanded serialization utilities that include generic and null values that save time during programming.
  • Allows you to set font sizes for various sizes and can be set in language files.
  • Increase compatibility between installed mods, even if they are from different developers.
  • Fix a bunch of bugs and crashes caused by collecting codes from each of the installed mods.

How to use OpenModsLib Mod

  1. First you should back up the folder where Minecraft is installed to avoid the inconvenience of reinstalling in case some files have been corrupted.
  2. Install the required version of the Minecraft Forge API that requires OpenModsLib Mod to work correctly or install the latest version available that is most compatible with this mod.
  3. Go to the Windows Start menu and type in the search box “% appdata% / .minecraft”. If you are playing Minecraft from the Mac, you must open the search engine, press the “alt” key and click “go”, then go to the library that is at the top of the menu bar. Open the application’s support folder and browse to the Minecraft folder manually.
  4. Then open the mods folder and place the OpenModsLib Mod inside it.
  5. Start Minecraft with the Forge profile and take advantage of the benefits that OpenModsLib Mod has to offer.




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